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I just get one of the new cheetos mix -up to my son and when he was eating his cheetos when he found a big piece of plastic hard inside of the chettos bag,he was thinking was a new cheeto because it was the first time that he had this cheeto,I have attach some pictures for your review,they should be more becarefully with their products, most of the consumers are kids,am really mad what happen if am not wirth my kid at the time when he eate the cheetos,please pass this to them i need a promntly response of this ,'


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so that's where that went, looked all over for it. even had all my co-workers helping. please return to


p.o. box 123

chicago, il

would be much appreciated

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #618739

Save the item, then contact the manuafacturer and more than likely they will send you a special envelope to send the item to them, plus some coupons. When products are packaged, it is quite hard to carefully inspect every bag, especially when you see how fast those production lines work.


you sure you didnt plant that there?

to Jacobmartin Alamogordo, New Mexico, United States #1228487

Can't plant anything in cheetos you need fertilizer to do so

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